Intel teases Xeon e7-linked Kittson by launching 8-core Itanium 9500


Intel’s Itanium processors, due to their specialized grunts, have received a mixed response. But the new Itanium 9500 is said to be a huge jump from the previous launches. The chip, it seems, is designed for extremely huge tasks as it supports a 2 TB of RAM. The chip provides high inter connect speed, as […]

Cybernoids Brings Pizzazz To Hand Drawn Images By Adding 3D Elements


3D graphics have been part of our daily lives and routine, be it watching a movie in cinema or playing the latest video games, the only setback was that we had to settle with computer generated artwork. Cybernoids has designed a revolutionary product called Live2D, attempting to eradicate this restriction. The software bestows animators and […]

Robotic Legs Imitate Our Neural System, Resulting in the Most Human-Like Saunter


There have been some pretty crazy bipedal robots in the past, but scientists at the University of Arizona have gone directly to the source — humans — to build one with a very human-like walk. It turns out that it’s not just our computer which is capable of controlling gait: an uncomplicated neural network in […]

A Close Look At Kyocera Rise – The QWERTY Sliding Keyboard Handset With Ice Cream Sandwich


Hoping for a successful comeback into the American smartphone market, Kyocera is targeting niche customers, strange as it may seem. It started with Hydro, a water-resistant phone, and the Rise followed, that showcases a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Both these smartphones are manufactured to run on CDMA networks, even though Kyocera has not yet proclaimed the […]

Holey Optochip by IMB transfers 1Tbps Data


Since the time “Holey Optochip” was expected to be revealed, everyone knew it would have some extraordinary features. The masterminds at IBM managed to transmit about 1Tbps of data along with an overwhelmingly high bandwidth and other amazing features. The chip is going to take interconnectivity to a whole new level fueling future supercomputers and […]

Wolfram Alpha Pro Hits The Market At a Nominal Rate of $4.99/Month


Ever since its inception, Wolfram Alpha has made quite stirring developments, however, the latest service launched by Wolfram Alpha is by far the most outstanding one as according to Stephen Wolfram, “the single most important development for Wolfram Alpha since the original website launched in 2009.” This ‘most important development’ is Wolfram Alpha Pro, a […]

HP’s Open webOS 1.0 Releasing in September and Enyo 2.0 Framework Available for Developers for Free


As HP pronounced its intention of open-sourcing webOS, the company took a sigh of relief as it had invested about $1.2 billion on the software. Earlier on, the company seemed to shy away from giving out too many details as it only pronounced that webOS will continue to survive with the assistance of developers. However, […]

Will Intel-Powered Tablets Survive The Market Competition?


Microsoft needs to brave through a tough situation and put in quite an effort to ensure their Intel-based slates survive the market competition, when the iPad charm has yet to fade. However, according to resources both Intel (the name behind Clover Trail Hardware) and Microsoft (providing Windows 8 software) aren’t likely to slash their prices […]

HP TouchPad webOS tablet at MWC


It was the finest day for the mobile making company HP at the Mobile World Congress when the HP TouchPad webOS was seen in the event. It will definitely fetch you everything from a 1.3 MP front facing camera to that of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Also, this tablet has amazing 9.7 inch LCD […]

Europe receives manufacturer support for micro-USB charging standard


European Commission had been authorized by 14 phones company and manufacturers of phone components like Samsung, Apple, RIM, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Nokia, to manufacture a custom phone charger using micro-USB hub for the phones sold in the Europe. This kind of universal charger will be more user friendly and convenient for all users […]