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A Close Look At Kyocera Rise – The QWERTY Sliding Keyboard Handset With Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 17 May 2012 | 7 Comments

Hoping for a successful comeback into the American smartphone market, Kyocera is targeting niche customers, strange as it may seem. It started with Hydro, a water-resistant phone, and the Rise followed, that showcases a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Both these smartphones are manufactured to run on CDMA networks, even though Kyocera has not yet proclaimed the […]

Android Malware Being Distributed On Chinese Markets

Android 25 January 2011 | Comments Off on Android Malware Being Distributed On Chinese Markets

There is a new threat in China. A bit of code named Geinimi has been created by malware creator to hitchhikes on applications when they are redistributed on third party markets. It doesn’t do much except for lurking at the moment, but it is capable of resembling a botnet server according to a company that […]