Cybernoids Brings Pizzazz To Hand Drawn Images By Adding 3D Elements


3D graphics have been part of our daily lives and routine, be it watching a movie in cinema or playing the latest video games, the only setback was that we had to settle with computer generated artwork. Cybernoids has designed a revolutionary product called Live2D, attempting to eradicate this restriction. The software bestows animators and game designers with the ability to add 3D qualities and features to their 2D images. In the video presentation of this technology, a 2D hand drawn character can be seen turning her head and the image twists and adapts in real-time. Live2D has two versions; one that caters to polygons and other one for vectors. The software supports both consoles and smartphones which are today’s premium gaming mediums; however no specifics regarding both are out so far. Hopefully, there would be tools that are capable of rendering full 360 motions, in the next two years.

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