Japanese Government Wants Apple To Add Content Filter To The iPhone


More bad news for Apple from the government of Japan over the last few days apart from other history of troubles they had with the Japanese. Now iPhone is having the problem.  Apple Japan and their exclusive provider in Japan, Softbank Mobile had been criticized by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication because they offering such insufficient content control for minors.

The ministry had asked both companies to install Japan-specific content control software on the phones as soon as possible, according to various Japanese media. In the country, all sellers have to install software for content filtering into cell phones before selling them to minors.

A speaker of SoftBank Mobile stated that the requirement is very impractical since sellers have to ask the buyers to provide their personal information and their credit card details to download the software into their iPhones.

It is already known that Japan has one of the very strict legal frameworks for mobile internet usage in the world.