Windows Phone 7 bug may send out extra data, cause overages


Microsoft Windows Phone 7 front has been knocked by some uneasy news recently as the platform will send more data through 3G even when free WIFI is available. This will results in loss on users side since they will send out more data than they are aware of and will cost more to the users […]

Samsung to Lock Down Galaxy Tab in Future Firmware Update to Prevent Rooting


Samsung is planning to release a firmware made especially for Android tablet that function to lock down the device, in order to prevent hackers and other developers from running unauthorized ROMs that are not developed by Samsung. In the other hand, the built of the firmware is already known which are JM6 A, C, and […]

Motorola officially splits in two


It is now official that Motorala has been split into two: Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. It has been announced early this year but is effective on January 4th. Motorola Mobility will focus on mobile phones and also other accessories related to mobile phones. It will fulfil both consumers at home and who is always […]

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hack Demonstrated On Video


It is such a headache waking up in the morning knowing that your system’s piracy protection mechanisms has been breeched for any developers such as iOS App Store or Steam. But sometimes it is good to know that some white hat hacker which is non malicious hacker done this and indirectly, they help you to […]

Android Malware Being Distributed On Chinese Markets


There is a new threat in China. A bit of code named Geinimi has been created by malware creator to hitchhikes on applications when they are redistributed on third party markets. It doesn’t do much except for lurking at the moment, but it is capable of resembling a botnet server according to a company that […]

Japanese Government Wants Apple To Add Content Filter To The iPhone


More bad news for Apple from the government of Japan over the last few days apart from other history of troubles they had with the Japanese. Now iPhone is having the problem.  Apple Japan and their exclusive provider in Japan, Softbank Mobile had been criticized by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication because […]