Samsung to Lock Down Galaxy Tab in Future Firmware Update to Prevent Rooting


Samsung is planning to release a firmware made especially for Android tablet that function to lock down the device, in order to prevent hackers and other developers from running unauthorized ROMs that are not developed by Samsung. In the other hand, the built of the firmware is already known which are JM6 A, C, and D. They new firmware is also stated to have bootloaders to prevent any unauthorized firmware from being loaded into the Tab which results in restriction of any root and custom firmware, ROMs or any OS to work on Tab before getting any authorization from Samsung.

It is reported by Electronista that developers are hoping that by the time the new firmware is released, the lockdown can be undone by using other software and does not need any hardware tweaks or modifications. Until now, it is still uncertain wheter Samsung is serious to release the lockdown firmware or just experimenting with the strategy.

The practice of hacking smartphones which are using Apple’s iOS or Google Android platforms has been approved by the US Government. They approved rooting and jailbreaking using revised Digital Millenium Copyright Act. However, the rule did not stop developers fromlocking down their hardware, and they tried hard to make it harder to root or jailbreaking their hardware.

This matter of enabling hardware hacking had been argued by hardware and software makers because this action will be a contributing factor towards more piracy in the future especially when it involves third party applications. Manufacturers want to create a smooth and seamless user experience by preventing users from tinkering with that experience.

Now, the bootloaders of the official Google hardware, Nexus One and Nexus S, had been unlocked to allow users to try different firmwares, hacks, and custom ROMs.