Windows Phone 7 bug may send out extra data, cause overages


Microsoft Windows Phone 7 front has been knocked by some uneasy news recently as the platform will send more data through 3G even when free WIFI is available. This will results in loss on users side since they will send out more data than they are aware of and will cost more to the users on data usage.

A reader wrote this on Windows Super site: I received an email from AT&T on December 22nd stated that I nearly reached my 2GB data limit that I subscribed monthly. I was in shocked since I feel that I didn’t use that much of data transfer. So I went and log into my online AT&T account and to my eyes, I can see the records stating that my phone had sent a huge amount of data seemingly in patterns. For example, on November 21st to 24th it sent around 30 and 50 MB of data at 10:41pm each day and on December 1st to 4th, my phone again sent around 30 to 50 MB of data at 9:41pm each day. On December 23rd, I was on the plane and the phone can’t send any data. As I turned the airplane mode off, the phone sent 400 MB of data. I called AT&T yesterday, on December 28th, but the representative said there is nothing they can do to figure this problem out.

A book writer, Paul Thurrot who has written a book on Windows Phone 7 had been noticed about this and said that phones like Samsung Focus had sent data on 3G although the WIFI function is available and turned on. Microsoft had to be aware of this and take some actions about it.

Do any of you out there having the same problem? We’re confronting Microsoft in a few days and will ask their representative directly for an answer.

To be fair, this bug of Windows Phone 7 had to be fixed using the next software update and this should be done real soon.