Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hack Demonstrated On Video


It is such a headache waking up in the morning knowing that your system’s piracy protection mechanisms has been breeched for any developers such as iOS App Store or Steam. But sometimes it is good to know that some white hat hacker which is non malicious hacker done this and indirectly, they help you to fix the problem in the security system.

This had happenned to Microsoft recetly. They had found out that the DRM setup of Windows 7 applications can easily be torn out within seconds by white hat hacker. And it seems that the paid application had been pulled out from the market without having a chance to make a cent.

A hacker named Tobias has outline this issue and the news has been published at WP Central. Neither party can handle the situation well, they inform Microsoft about the explication, and refuse to crack any paid application. They also refuse to expose on how the did they hacking until Microsoft fix the problem themselves.

Check out the proof-of-concept video below:

proof-of-concept video